Company Profile

Established in 2004, China Topper Locker Maker is a leading manufacturer and distributor for a comprehensive range of locker storage systems. We specialized in the design, manufacturing and selling of ABS plastic lockers with the highest quality. You will find these lockers in places such as educational institution, shopping mall, gym, office, library, hospital, hotel, etc.

Why Choose ABS Plastic Lockers?
While steel is a common, economic and versatile material, ABS plastic lockers have inherent advantages in many environment. Our lockers are made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic), which are abrasion resistant, high heat-resistant, flame-retardant; offer excellent impact resistance, comprehensive performance, chemical stabilization and good flexibility.

We stick to the development strategy of high technology, high quality, striving to create world-class brand! Our customers' concern is our bigest concern, so Topper Locker Maker has introduced advanced processing facilities and complete quality inspection system based on absorbing abroad and international plastic locker technologies. In that case, we can always satisfy the different needs of our customers.
Our continuous effort to improve our products and services enable us to build strong relationships with our clients today. With over thousands of lockers being distributed over most of European countries, the United States, Asian countries and other parts of the world, Topper Locker Maker is well known and is respected for its durability and superior quality. 

Our team of designers, engineers and sales professionals are available to assist you every step of the way from initial budget planning to final project closeout!