Is the Plastic Resin Locker Good?

Resin is a vivid description about a kind of high polymer chemical product like the viscous liquid coming out of the pine or the peach. There are a variety of conditions of resin. It is thick soft sticky liquid before curing. After curing, it can form the mirror-decorative effect like the organic glass. The "piano paint" is just the unsaturated cured resin which can be widely used in many fields of production and life.

Resin has two main kinds, the natural resin and the synthetic resin. The natural resin is an amorphous organic material taking from the secretion of plants and animals in the nature, such as rosin, amber, shellac, etc. The synthetic resin is a kind of resin product obtained by the chemical synthesis of the simple organic substance or by the chemical reaction of some natural materials.

Resin is a category of high polymer materials. Both the plastic and the rubber belong to this category. In broad sense, any polymer that can be used as raw materials to produce plastic products is called resin.

Plastic is mainly composed of resin to which filler, lubricant, colorant and other additives are added as auxiliary components.Thus, resin is one of the raw materials of plastic and plastic is the finished product of resin.

Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene is called ABS for short. ABS plastics are engineering plastics that improves the properties of ABS resin by adding additives or alloys. In petrochemical production, ABS is mainly produced by the emulsion process. ABS resin is synthesized by styrene and acrylonitrile, and then is synthesized with butadiene in the emulsion state. Finally, ABS resin is obtained.

The quality of the plastic resin locker
The plastic resin locker is formaldehyde free, non-toxic and odorless. Also, it is durable and stainless. The structure of the plastic resin locker is stable. The plastic locker can be repeatedly disassembled and it is not easy to become deformed and fracture.

The plastic resin locker is strongly load-bearing with the cold-resistant characteristic which can endure the temperature not lower than forty degrees below zero. It can be used both indoor and outdoor and it looks very modern.

Advantages of the plastic resin locker
The plastic resin locker is affordable and convenient to install, meeting the needs of different space layouts.

The plastic resin locker is formaldehyde free because of the environmental-friendly material. So users are no longer worried about the safety of the indoor environment and the indoor formaldehyde that used to affect their health, especially children's. Now they can live healthily.

The plastic resin locker has excellent waterproof performance. The unique resin material is damp-proof, letting the locker dry and clean every day. In the humid environment, there will not be any mildew or insect in the locker.

The plastic resin locker is super resistant to dirt. When the surface of the plastic resin locker is dirty, there is no need to wash or clean it specially. The locker will get the original gloss after you wipe it gently with a cloth.

The plastic resin locker has awesome visual effects. The unique design, color matching and structure combination of the plastic resin locker make the plastic resin locker a healthy and environmental-friendly product mixed with fashion and practicality.

The plastic resin locker has the large capacity and is strongly load-bearing.

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