The four trends of plastic lockers

Plastic lockers are becoming more and more popular because they are light, waterproof and rustproof. The trends of the plastic locker are as the following.

Being stylized
Orange red, grass green, brilliant yellow and brilliant violet plastic lockers that are vivid can be seen in many entertainment venues and public places, which make the places full of passion and fashion. Stylized theme design is a very big trend in the future development of plastic lockers.

Being intelligent
In recent years, people attach great importance to intelligence when it comes to designing plastic lockers. The development of technology has greatly popularized intelligence of the plastic locker. Intelligence of the plastic locker can improve work efficiency. Now, there are so many intelligent locks which can control lockers in the market. Intelligent locks can also identify customers. Therefore, intelligence will play a very important role in the development of plastic lockers in the future.

Being stackled
The plastic locker is designed like a magic cube and can have different combinations or shapes so as to make the plastic used in different places. Meet the consumer's individual needs for color matching and shape changing by the generalization and modular design of the plastic locker, making the humanized plastic locker come true based on the standardized plastic locker. Plastic lockers are stackled and are trapezoidal or L-shaped. Plastic lockers which have different shapes are also a good scene for many public places.

Being low-carbon
The slogan of low-carbon environmental protection was promoted at some low-carbon design summit forums. Environmental protection is a big problem in the society. Plastic lockers should also follow this trend so as to have more advantages. 

Topper Locker's plastic lockers are made of ABS plastic and they are waterproof, moisture-proof and rust proof. They can be applied to any public place. And we will develop our plastic lockers in order to provide consumers with more perfect plastic locker products.

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