The Maintenance and Purchase Methods of Plastic Lockers in Damp Spaces

In such places with much moisture as swimming centers, bathrooms and toilets, people should choose the products with better waterproof and moisture-proof properties, for example, plastic lockers.

The features of plastic lockers are with excellent waterproof and moisture-proof properties, brilliant color glossiness, fashion designs and without deformation and distortion. Usually, plastic lockers will not be very large, and therefore they can save more space compared with those lockers made of other materials. Plastic lockers are easy to be cleaned. It is convenient to use them since they are usually very light. They also have long service lives.

The Maintenance Methods
We can use a piece of soft cloth to clean the plastic locker if there is the oil stain and lubricant contamination on its surface. The plastic locker should be cleaned with water immediately if there is acid liquid on its surface.

Ordinarily we can use the soft cloth to clean the locker with soapy water, weak lotion and warm water, and remember that do not use the dry cloth to clean the locker. During the process of cleaning the locker, do not use any cleanser, hard cloth, tissue or steel wool that has the abrasive effect to avoid scratching the locker's surface.

There may be rainbow stripes appearing on the surfaces of plastic lockers after they are cleaned, and the rainbow stripes are caused by too much detergent or oil. Just use warm water with the neutral detergent to remove them. We can use 10% of nitric acid or abrasive detergent to wash the dirt on the surface. Of course, the specialized detergent is also practicable. 

Regular maintenance can increase the service lives of plastic lockers.

How to Purchase Plastic Lockers?
1. The size should be put in the first place when we purchase lockers, so we should clearly measure the usable area where the lockers will be located first and then check the size of the locker.
Although the big lockers will be more convenient to be assembled, they should not take up too much space. However, the lockers that are too small will make the room look not harmonious enough, and they will be inconvenient to be used.

2. There will be companies' logos printed on the products' external packings or edge sealing adhesives, and the uniform and regular packaging will be adopted if the lockers belong to the standard brands. In the meantime, the packaging boxes will indicate such contents as the customers' addresses and product quantities.

3. We should demand the speciality store to provide us with the courier receipt or the shipping order after purchasing the lockers, and it is also necessary to call the logistics company to check the information. Some locker enterprises only export the brands and product cultures to distributors, and the locker products are processed and produced by distributors locally. Therefore, it may happen that what we have purchased is the product with a brand, but the quality of the product can not meet the requirement of the brand. 

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