About Us

Since 2004, Topper Locker Maker has been manufacturing ABS plastic lockers that meet or exceed specifications for all types of facilities, including schools, gyms, swimming pools, factories, supermarkets, hospitals, etc. We deliver the highest quality and most secure plastic lockers worldwide. Our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004 Certified, which means all of our manufacturing processes are carried out strictly according to ISO standards.

Our Quality Control
Part Qualification: First-Piece Inspection at the start of each production run.
SPC: Variable and Attribute Control Charting during the production run.
Part Evaluation: Last Piece Inspection at the end of each production run.
Final Audit: Random sampling of each ship lot for compliance of key characteristics.

Our Clients
How popular is China Topper Locker Maker? We have supplied lockers to well known institutions like Bank of China, Beijing University, Samsung, Tianjing Railway Administration, Industrial and Commercial Bank, China National Tobacco Corporation, China Railway Group Limited, Tianjing Marine Authority, Canadian International School of Beijing,CISB, etc. And our plastic lockers are also very popular overseas. We mainly exported our lockers to most of the European countries, the United States, Asian countries and other countries and regions. And we have received high praise from our domestic and international customers. We are very proud to be the leading manufacturer in plastic locker industry.

Our Principle
Our principle is to provides locker products with high technology, high quality. We are striving to create world-class brand!

China Topper Locker Maker is the first and best choice for providing a secure and safe storage solutions, you can click here to explore our site and find out what makes Topper outstanding in the locker industry.