Before selling of our plastic lockers products, we will have comprehensive communication with the clients about size, material, tolerance, special requirements and other technical properties. After all the required information is confirmed, we offer the best plastic locker products with the lowest factory price to our clients. Besides, we are also able to offer various certificate, technical documents, drawings, etc.

When clients place order to us, we strictly control the quality in order to offer products with the best quality. Topper Locker Maker has a professional technical team of Quality Control, our quality supervision team will strictly control the quality of raw materials used in the production process before manufacturing, so as to meet the requirements of our customers. And our quality inspection team will inspect each manufacturing process to ensure that all products are extremely excellent.

After finish manufacturing, we will arrange the fastest delivery to the destination port. We work with many reliable logistics companies and have established a good relationship with them, so we can ensure an efficient and fast delivery for you. If there is any problem during the application of our locker products, we will try every means to solve it as soon as possible.