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China Topper Locker Maker for Plastic Lockers! ABS Plastic Lockers, School Lockers, Storage Locker, Beach Locker, Plastic Charging Lockers, Office Lockers, Gym Locker, Swimming Pool Lockers, Shoe Lockers, Factory Lockers, Laundry Lockers, Coin Lockers, Supermarket Locker, etc

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Since 2004, Topper Locker Maker has been manufacturing ABS plastic lockers that meet or exceed specifications for all types of facilities, including schools, colleges, swimming pool, factory, supermarket, hospital, office, gym, etc. Topper Locker delivers the highest quality and most secure plastic lockers worldwide. Topper Locker's Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004 Certified, all the manufacturing processes are carried out strictly based on ISO standards. All of our plastic lockers have passed Anti impact test, Pressure test, Torsion test, Anti stress test, Falling ball impact test, Product drop test, etc.

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Pre-Sale Service
Before selling of our plastic lockers products, we will have comprehensive communication with the clients including size, material, tolerance, special requirements and other technical properties confirmation.
Services in Sales
When clients place order to us, we strictly control the production in order to offer products with the best quality. Topper Locker Maker has a professional technical team of Quality Supervision, before manufacturing
After-Sale Service
After production is done, we arrange fastest delivery to the destination port. We work with many reliable logistics companies and have established a good relationship with them, so that we can ensure efficient and fast delivery for you.