5 Tips for Choosing a Multi-tiered Plastic Locker

A locker is a kind of cabinet that is used for putting all kinds of items in and is very practical in daily life. The lockers are portable and made of various materials such as wood, fabric and plastic. 

It can be seen everywhere that the use of plastic lockers has steady increased. Furthermore, multi-tiered lockers bring further convenience to people's life. With multi-tiered lockers' characteristic of layered storage, the locker can greatly increase storing place.

What is a plastic locker
With the high cost performance, plastic lockers are increasingly favored by consumers. Plastic lockers are very convenient and practical for modern home lives. A plastic locker is a kind of storage cabinet that is made of plastic, and it is also called a sorting cabinet. This kind of lockers usually adopts multi-tiered splicing design, and so it is also called the multi-tiered plastic locker. Double tier plastic lockers, triple tier plastic lockers, four tier plastic lockers, etc. can be called multi-tiered plastic lockers. Every layer of plastic lockers has enough place for placing all kinds of items, which is useful for the sorting of items and suitable for meeting the household needs of modern people.

Cheap plastic lockers are mostly made of low-cost materials. Due to the impurity of materials, quality of the transparent or white finished plastic lockers will be poor because impurities in materials are very conspicuous. Thus, pigments are usually added into the raw materials of plastic lockers to turn the lockers' bodies into colorized ones so that impurities in the raw materials can be successfully hidden.

In general, a good locker body is a combination of several separated cabinets, and it can also be customized according to the actual needs of customers such as more or less drawers and shelves. It is necessary to remind you that before customizing a built-in locker, you should determine the exact position in your house and measure the size.

Due to unqualified materials, plastic lockers will release peculiar smell and toxic substances. Therefore, choosing plastic lockers by smelling is recommended. Plastic lockers with pungent peculiar smell can be seen as inferior plastic lockers. Plastic lockers are usually used for placing clothes or other daily necessities, so caution in selecting is required.

Customer service
Good service is a part of product value. Many products from small factories are cheap, but the warranty period of them is short or even does not exist. If there is something wrong with the lockers, it will be hard to get a reasonable solution. Hence, when consumers are customizing a locker, it is necessary to make clear the product's warranty and other issues. 

In terms of appearance, checking whether the locker's door, the edge banding of the locker's body, etc. are orderly and smooth is needed. Cabinets with banding by machines are smooth in appearance and feeling. Glue failure, blister and deformation will not happen in this kind of products.  

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